Glass in interior design and decoration

As a rule, when choosing a material for interior design, one tends to hesitate in favor of glass. We dare to assure you that with a closer examination of its unique qualities, it becomes clear that all fears are in vain, you only need to carefully select the room in which the glass products will be used.

Physical properties of glass:

  • Density and elasticity of glass depends directly on its chemical composition. Minimum density in quartz glass, the maximum in those containing lead oxides, tantalum and bismuth.
  • The strength of glasses can be significantly increased by their hardening, as well as by ion-exchange diffusion and surface treatment using chemical reagents.
  • Glass hardness depends on the impurities in the glass. Thus, quartz and low-alkaline borosilicate glasses are considered the hardest.
  • Brittleness. Low temperatures affect the ability of glass to withstand mechanical impact. But a change in the chemical composition can improve that, too. For example, introducing bromine doubles the strength.
  • Glass has valuable aesthetic properties and can play a leading or secondary role in an interior.

Hovering walls

Of course, the windows in all houses, private or high-rise, are glazed. But when it is possible to design a fairly large opening, you can turn it into a panoramic view window (of course, if the landscape is worth it). In country houses solid glass walls are chosen by the most furious fans of his, we do not insist on such a radical way, and recommend to withdraw only a certain part. For example, to make a glass can be high doors to the garden, with the opening to the left and right side, exactly the width of its half. It is noteworthy that glass looks organic in any environment, since it is an ecological natural material. It is combined with metal, wood and stone, and thus will be relevant in any interior style.

Recently, it has become incredibly popular, combining bedroom and bathroom, to build intricate partitions between them. Using glass for this purpose can be very unusual, and therefore so interesting. It is worth saying that dividing the room into separate functional zones, the glass wall will look weightless and very aesthetically pleasing. And the color, degree of transparency and the presence of relief on the surface you choose to your liking.

Limiting partitions

It can be difficult to organize a full-fledged workplace in a small apartment, which, besides you, live relatives and children. In this case, there is a question of the need for a secluded corner where you need to place a table, chair, bookshelves and so on. Without burdening the visual perception of the room (living room or bedroom), a glass partition will help to solve the problem and isolate you from extraneous noise during work, when you should focus on work.

Bathroom – A room where even zoning curtains can’t help from constant splashes and spilled water. That’s why glass panels are the most comfortable way to shower. In a combined bathroom will be better to use opaque glass in the case when the bathroom is used simultaneously by two people.

Decorating your home with glassware

Also do not forget about the small elements with which you can decorate your home. For example, you can always find many different decor elements at Modern technology helps manufacturers to create truly unique products from this material. There are many different sectional parts that can make your home unique and cozy. Pay attention to all of these in case you want to decorate your home with different glass products.