Part of the mission of the Arena Theater is to be available as a resource for individuals, community and civic groups, non-profit and for-profit companies. Therefore the theater is available to renters on a first come first serve basis. Prospective renters should keep in mind that the theater continues to show first-run films, host live music and theater events, and school and community events. Advance requests are strongly recommended to get a booking on the date you are most interested in. A two-three-month calendar of upcoming events is available on our website, Dates more than three months into the future are likely to be available but there is no guarantee (we regularly have bookings 10 months in advance.)


The Arena Theater has a flexible auditorium. To accomplish this there are 149 permanent seats (cannot be removed), 28 semi-permanent seats (can be removed), 42 portable seats, and 12 standing positions. In no case can the total capacity of the building exceed the posted limit of 287 for any event. The mix of seating and standing options in the auditorium (including the balcony) is described as follows:

    1.  Standard concert seating: 231 total, broken down as 177 permanent seats and semi-permanent seats, 42 portable seats, 12   standing-room spots on the main floor.

    2.  Modified Concert seating/Festival/Dance configuration: 155-240 total, broken down as 149 permanent seats, plus space for 40-75 people on the dance floor.

3.  Cabaret/Coffee-house Concert seating: 219. 149-177 permanent/semi-permanent seats. 24-42 cabaret seats (tables for 4 or 6 near the front of the stage.)

Night Rental $350.00

Evening use any day of the week. Stage, house lights, basic stage lights turned on at beginning and off at end of the event, one daytime rehearsal in the space without technical assistance. Load-in after 4:00pm; theater returned cleaned and ready-to-use no later than 11:00am the following day.

Daytime Basic Rental $150.00

Daytime use any weekday (Monday through Friday). Use of stage, with house lights, basic stage lights, heating and/or fans turned on at beginning and off at end of the event, and one daytime rehearsal in the space without technical assistance. Load-in after 7:00am; theater returned cleaned and ready-to-use no later than 4:00pm, i.e. 9 hours later. Day use may not be available during movie matinee days (generally Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday. Special arrangements for these days may be made with sufficient advance notice.)

Daytime Hall-Only Rental $100.00
Same as Basic Rental (above) without the use of the stage.

Green Room Rental $50
The Green Room, also know as the ATA office, can be rented in 4 hour blocks for meetings or in support of a theater production.

Cleaning/Damage Deposit $120.00
A $120 refundable cleaning deposit is required for most events. A higher deposit, $150-$200 may be requested of some renters based on the type of show they wish to produce. The deposit is refundable after renter finishes use and the theater has been inspected by a board member or staff of the ATA, theater, or cinema.

Technical Options

Full Use of Stage Lights and Lighting Board: add $50.00.

Basic PA System add $35.00 Includes two (2) microphones and stands, and inputs for two (2) audio devices.

Full Sound/Dance System add $250 (operator/engineer fee may be additional). Full system includes:

• 32 channel mixing board (24 mic inputs + 8 line inputs as 4 stereo pairs)
• Mic channels have sweepable mid EQ & phantom pwr.
• 4 sub-mix channels to stereo main out
• 4 separate monitor mixes
• Inserts on all channels, including sub-mixes
• Built-in effects
• Talk-back mic
• Outboard rack with:
• 2 ea DBX 166 compressor/gates (4 channels total)
• 2 ea DBX 231 dual 31 band EQ (4 channels total)
• 2 ea DBX 215 dual 15 band EQ (4 channels total)
• Patch bay
• 8 monitor speakers with 12″ drivers
• 8 Shure SM85 mics
• 10 Shure SM57 mics
• 3 Shure SM92(?) condenser mics
• 1 Shure Beta 52 kick drum mic
• 5 direct input (DI) boxes
• Rane RPM88 speaker processor
• House mains & subs (stereo) currently 1100 watts per box = 4400 watts total

Tech operators are not included and must be approved by Arena Theater Association.

Additional Possibilities (prices on request)

• Rehearsals (Hall Only, with or without stage)
• Technical Rehearsals with Lights
• Technical Rehearsals with Sound
• Two Performances on the Same Day
• Not-for-profit organizations and schools may be eligible for reduced rates.

Concessions and Bar.

The theater operates a concession stand and a no-host bar during any live or cinema event. All proceeds will be retained by Theater.

Liability Insurance:
Renter may be required to provide certificate of liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for event.

For booking information contact the general manager or by calling the office at (707) 822-3272.