5 Less-Known Shakespeare Works Well Worth A Read

Guest author bio: Jessica Vainer is a freelance writer, who worked as a magazine editor for 3 years. Most of all she likes fantasy and detectives. Her life position is that she believes that everything you did to other people comes back to you.

When it comes to exciting literature that gives a glimpse of the beautiful and profound, you can’t go wrong with William Shakespeare. All his works are considered recognizable due to the author’s typical style with incredible and attractive elements. If you think the world of reading, then you must be aware of such masterpieces as ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

Today, we are not talking about Shakespeare’s most famous work, but his less well-known material. We want you to explore beautifully written, incredible literature that will astound you. You already know that Shakespeare is a big deal, but wait until you get your hands on the material we have on our list. Truly breathtaking.

So let us dive right into it.

1.King John

Basically, the play is about the life story of King John. The plot is not as basic as the overview. Politics is an integral part of the play, which depicts a similar setup like the one we have in our modern society. Characterized by deceit, family feuding and war.

This historical play has a fast-paced story, and you get to experience the turn of events just a few pages in. Shakespeare uses his creativity to come up with an interesting way of depicting war and turning historical events into beautiful drama.

You get to see the behavior and attitude of religious leaders and politicians when faced with the dilemma of making noble decisions or feeding their egotistic needs. The story has incredible character development with intense use of language play. Be ready to experience the 12th and 13th century in a completely different light.


This amazing play remains underrated despite having a massive potential to be among popular Shakespeare’s works. The focus of the narrative is on a Roman leader, who later gains the name “Coriolanus,” and his fall from victory. It is a riveting political story that transports you into Rome to experience a new side of class and politics.

Failure as a leader is relative when it comes to life and experience of the Roman Leader. Conquering a city only to return home and face opposition is tragic for anyone. Such is the situation the Roman leader finds himself and has to deal with the aftermath of his actions.

Class conflict is evident in the entire story. With the ruling class having constant disagreements with the “common” class. Pride becomes an issue for Coriolanus when his martial prowess blinds him from becoming a true leader of the people.

The story progresses with a shift in allegiance and uncertainty. This is a story that has the power to make you experience different emotions. In the end, it makes you have a different perspective on the nature of politics. Not only then during the time of Coriolanus, but our current state of fluctuating loyalty and shady political scene.


A worthy book is a truly valuable thing in all ages and cultures, and this is about the next masterpiece – Cymbeline. Depending on how you treat literature, you might consider it a tragedy or romance. It features love, death, and tragedy. The story is about King Cunobeline of Britain and the political situation surrounding his monarchy.

It features excellent delivery of language and poetry. You need to read the entire story to write a stunning book review. If you are running out of time and need help on your review or any other written assignment, Edubirdie helps with assignments and is available for students in Australia. It is a great option of getting all assignment help review for a brilliant paper on any topic.

Cymbeline is one of those books that requires you to pay attention to grasp every concept of the story. There is a dark aura evident with the characters despite the literature painting an ideal image of a fantastical environment. If you have a book review assignment such as Cymbeline and cannot seem to figure out where to start, do yourself justice and get Australian assignment help.

4.All’s Well That Ends Well

Another incredible play from Shakespeare that will have your book club talking. This is great if reading Shakespeare is your element and you want to discover a different side of the writer. The book is one of the rarely spotted stories that you might miss if you are not observant.

It has crafty episodes of self-deception and trickery. You get to meet Helena who falls in love with Bertram, and they eventually end up together. However, it is a less affectionate union as Bertram finds the whole arrangement unfair and refuses to accept Helena as his wife. His acceptance of her comes with the condition that she must bear him a son.

Helena goes ahead and makes use of trickery to win him over. The story has an appealing plot, with twists and turns to make you enjoy the dark side of the narrative. Even though this title did not blow up like other Shakespeare’s work, it continues to be a modern classic that deserves more recognition.

5.Timon of Athens

To put an end to the list, we have the remarkable Timon of Athens. This has to be one of Shakespeare’s work that flawlessly mirrors our current society. Reading it will give you constant moments of self-reflection and amazement.

The story is about a flamboyant man who manages to live a lavish life that drives him deep into debt. A life of extravagant banquets and obsession with money. It helps depict a lifestyle where people show value based on what is in their possession. The depiction of the loss of human contact and appreciation is a recurrent event in the story.

This beautiful narrative somehow lacks the structure of popular works like Hamlet and Othello but delivers greatly on realization. Definitely worth reading.


Writing a book review does not mean you stick to famous work known by everyone. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and explore new reads. There are amazing, undervalued stories that remain covered in dust while you can use your writing skills to give them an interesting edge.

We hope this list is helpful. Moreover, if you need assistance on how to draft compelling literary analysis pieces, search for assignment help Australia, and you will get amazing tips on how to get started. For now, get your hands on any of the above extraordinary plays to enjoy exceptionally unique literature.