Side effects of hGH

It should be noted that growth hormone is becoming more and more popular in bodybuilding and among athletes. The main reason for this is due to the fact that HGH ensures the normal functioning of the body. The release of growth hormone that occurs during a restful night’s sleep facilitates the recovery and growth of muscles and various tissues in the body. HGH is unique in that it does not fall under the categories of estrogenic or androgenic hormones. This means that he has no gender restrictions. In other words, athletes of both genders can benefit from the benefits of growth hormone equally. And again, it is not a steroid or an androgenic hormone, being a protein compound in its structure. In this regard, some believe that the use of hGH should not cause undesirable effects. But side effects and interactions with other drugs are present with the use of hormones of any type, but when it comes to HGH, they are particularly unique and specific.

It is also important to note the possibility of developing a synergistic effect when using growth hormone with other substances. One of the main functions of growth hormone is to stimulate and accelerate cell division and tissue growth. If adverse reactions occur when using an androgenic agent, the simultaneous use of hGH is guaranteed to accelerate the development of these negative phenomena. Thus, if you are afraid of any side effect, for example, gynecomastia, growth hormone will accelerate the rate of processes occurring in adipose tissues, and the severity of gynecomastia will increase. Thus, whenever you plan to use several products at the same time, you need to make sure that growth hormone will have a positive effect, and not increase possible unwanted reactions. In addition to the above, the use of hGH can lead to a number of other side effects.

Joint pain

One of the most common problems with HGH is joint pain. For those new to growth hormone, it may seem odd that a substance that is supposed to promote joint health is actually causing arthralgia. This is because HGH induces the growth and renewal of joint tissue. This process is the reason for the painful joints due to the development of new tissue. It is important to note that this phenomenon is temporary. After the growth of tissues and their calcification is completed, the pain should stop.

Fluid retention and swelling

In addition to the pain associated with the use of HGH, swelling and swelling in the joints can very often occur. This is due to the fluid retention characteristic of HGH. This symptom very often occurs in response to increased levels of IGF-1 or protein hormones belonging to the growth hormone family . It should be noted that pain tends to occur when extreme doses are used. This does not always mean an overdose, but can occur when an effective dose is administered simultaneously, rather than gradually. Therefore, when using HGH, it is necessary to assess the individual tolerance of the drug.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

As a result of water retention in the body, carpal tunnel syndrome can occur . It develops due to the fact that excess fluid leads to compression of the nerve by the bones and ligaments of the joint, causing numbness and pain. HGH does not necessarily cause the classic carpal tunnel syndrome, with excessive irritation of the muscles and tendons in this area of ​​the wrist, but significant fluid pressure results in similar symptoms, causing pain and weakness in the wrist.

Using hGH with flavored steroids

Although, as noted, aromatization will not necessarily affect HGH, in rare cases, the use of growth hormone can lead to the development of gynecomastia. There are two reasons why this can happen. First, using HGH in combination with a flavored steroid accelerates the rate at which gynecomastia progresses. Secondly, the problem may be caused by an increased sensitivity to growth hormone. However, as with most drugs, you can combat these effects with an aromatase inhibitor (AI), which lowers estrogen levels and makes gynecomastia less likely. However, you should be aware that with significant hypertrophy of the breast tissue, it will not be possible to cope with the problem on its own. In such a situation, surgery may be necessary to remove excess tissue, but until the breast tissue has become hardened, gynecomastia can be fought with the help of AI. In addition, you can reduce the likelihood of gynecomastia by using a drug from the SERM group (selective estrogen receptor modulators).

In addition to the negative effects listed above, there are other symptoms that are simply the result of hormone use. One of the most unusual side effects of HGH is bone growth, which can lead to enlarged limbs and some other areas of the body. This is because growth hormone naturally promotes growth. For example, the physical differences between a child and an adult are largely due to the fact that the growth hormone produced by the body leads to physical changes over time. Long-term use of hGH in adulthood will definitely lead to changes. However, regardless of the dose, this is not something that can be noticed immediately. This process will take place gradually, and its severity is determined by the individual characteristics of a person. More details here

Insulin sensitivity and hypoglycemia

The use of hGH can lead to side effects that should be given special attention. In particular, this concerns an increase in blood glucose levels and a decrease in insulin sensitivity. The latter means that the body is not responding properly to the rise in sugar levels. An excess of growth hormone can lead to a dangerous combination of symptoms, albeit a short-lived one: decreased insulin sensitivity and hypoglycemia. Therefore, during HGH therapy, it is imperative to take into account the possibility of developing such side effects. Even if there is no history of diabetes or impaired insulin sensitivity, any consumer of hGH can experience similar negative effects of the drug.

Organ and tissue growth

One of the most famous effects of hGH is its ability to induce organ growth in the body. This side effect is considered one of the reasons that can lead to the damaging effects of growth hormone on the body. These effects should be avoided, but if they do occur, it is best to be aware of them. Most people faced with such situations have used the wrong dose of the drug. As a result of the maximum dose of the hormone in the increase in the abdomen can be obtained for a long period of time, often having met eesya among professional bodybuilders.

In general, HGH is very effective, but its effect on the body depends on the choice of the correct dosage regimen.