How are CBI agents prepared?

In order to most fully and comprehensively describe the organization of education at the academy, the life of students, etc., one article is not enough. Therefore, we will focus on the most important and interesting moments of this process.

Training of future CBI agents includes psycho physiological, physical and special physical (combat) training, special psychological and tactical training (including detention of criminals in various conditions and situations of practical activity), fire training, study of the current legislation on prevention, counteraction, detection and investigation of crimes, criminology, expertise, including the procedure of expert research, the basics of methods of investigation of certain types of crimes (drug-related crimes, juvenile delinquency, women’s crime, recidivism, professional and organized crime, terrorism, cyberterrorism and economic crime, violent unselfish crimes, mercenary and negligent crimes, crimes in the social telecommunications and computer industry, human trafficking, illegal arms trafficking, etc.), the psychological basis of tactics of certain investigative actions and operations search activities (including surveillance, use of modern forensic, special and operational equipment, etc.). Now let’s talk about how to become a cbi officer.

Professional training at the academy

As for the very educational process of professional psychological training of future CBI agents, the organization of special tactical, psychological and forensic training of cadets deserves special attention. In order to provide students with not only theoretical but also practical skills and abilities on relevant issues, a special educational and methodological complex was built on the territory of the academy. The specified educational complex is used for development of practical skills on tactics of detention of criminals in the conditions close to real, and carrying out separate investigative actions and operative search actions, for example, inspection of a scene, etc.

The peculiarity of psycho physiological and tactical training at the academy is that the training of special operations to detain criminals is carried out in conditions as close as possible to real, because during the training weapons are used, however, equipped with bullets filled with paint. Relevant exercises are working out specific situations for apprehending criminals, releasing hostages, etc. on the street, in a living room, in a bank, in a store, etc. At the same time various investigative and operative-search situations which can arise in practice are worked out; each performed operation, regardless of the quality of its implementation, the instructor discusses in detail with students: the whole group participating in the training; errors, pragmatic ideas, alternatives of investigative and operative-search actions in certain situations are analyzed.

By the way, the conditions of each learning situation, which are determined by the CBI instructor, can be quite different.